Past Photos


Hello everyone, I am Cody Weaver and I am a Communications major. I am 22 years old from Seattle, WA and I love what I do.

I have always been interested in photography but have never really started to do anything with it until spring ’15 in my visual media class. I had a lot of fun exploring a little bit of photography and my professor pushed me to try COMM300 to follow my passion of photography. I bought a camera over the summer and started fiddling with it and I am super excited to learn all I can about my camera and the amazing wonders of photography.

Here are some of my past photos I have taken recently:


This photo I took of the Teton mountain range in the Jackson Hole National Park.


This photo was also taken in the Jackson area in WY. Slight level adjustments were made and some ducks were erased away swimming in the water.


This was taken outside of Rexburg on the start of my drive to Jackson Hole. Hue and Saturation levels were slightly adjusted and a water tank on the top of the hill was erased.

whip off

This was taken in Whistler, Canada, during a professional bike competition.


These clovers were shot at the Redwood Forest in San Francisco during my summer break.

dad and sadie

My dad and my adorable niece, Sadie, playing on the beach in San Francisco over my summer break. codyweaver-06-composition-lead

My roommate helping me out for a project.

alta lake edited

This was taken at Alta Lake in Whistler, Canada over my summer break. Level adjustments were made and hue and saturation slightly elevated. There were also two people sitting on the dock erased and someone swimming in the water. A yellow water marker was also erased.


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