SAN•SEA Productions

We finally did it! My wife and I are communications majors. We overlap our careers when it comes to cameras. Photography and video are huge passions of ours. With an increase of work in photos and video, we needed to rebrand together since we have teamed up on so many projects. After much thought and wanting to give a fun impression of traveling for video and photo shoots, SAN SEA was born. My wife is from San Diego, and myself from Seattle. We both do the same thing, we travel, and we love what we do.


Here is our watermark:





Here were some other logos I came up with before settling with our final.

The SAN SEA camera was our favorite for a while. After looking through other websites and Pinterest ideas, we came to the conclusion that too many people have something that is a camera for a logo. We wanted to stand apart more. So the palm tree and Space Needle came in to play. The POP logos with the pineapple were fun. We liked them, mainly for the pineapple vector I made, but we settled with SAN SEA in the end. But I will use my delicious fruit for something in the future!

More sketches:

Again, our FINAL:



Ad Campaign

I had the amazing opportunity to work with a client and a team of three to create an advertising campaign for the Romance Theater. The campaign was for the theater’s 100 year anniversary and service to the Rexburg, ID community. ‘The Venues’ is hosting the event. It is to take place in February of 2017.

Creating the campaign we were told to focus on a ‘Roaring 20’s and Great Gatsby’ theme. Having that in mind we focused strongly on what the twenties era offered for fashion and fun. The charity event for the Romance Theater is to have a ball and other fun events and activities that same night. These are examples of the cover of the ad book I created and the possible fliers, banners, and mailers for the event.




Order up! Master Chef is here to serve you. After years of fighting aliens, he has dropped the rifle, tucked away the energy sword, picked up a meat clever, and is here for you. Food is now his specialty.

This project was great for several reasons. It was great to be limited in colors and find ways to incorporate the shirt color in to the design. Shirts are hard to use gradients. Half tones are better to use. This was super fun taking a very recognizable figure and changing just one thing (the toque) and it becomes something new. A good simple design is made without many words, or none at all, and it can easily be seen and understood. Master Chef!

Gig Poster


Rock out to Sublime! Gig posters are awesome. Not only do they get your attention, but they are weird. The main point of this project was to push us out of our comfort zone and stretch the limits with design. Here I created the design for ‘Badfish’. I got the band name searching through my music and found one of my old favorite songs from a group I listen to a lot, ‘Sublime’.

After getting weird with mind maps and word lists, I was able to design the octopus diver. The bottom right fish was actually an old sharpie sketch I did years ago. It was weird and I loved it so I through it in to illustrator and recreated it. ‘Badfish’ was tricky. I did not want the band name to seem slapped on, so I tried adding it through the bubbles of the O2 tank.



This editorial design was done for the cover of a magazine with the headline article, “7 science-backed reasons you should make art, even if you’re bad at it”. The article discusses science-based reasons to why art helps you cognitively. The more you are away from technology and distractions, focusing simply on creativity allows your brain’s capacity to flourish.

Thinking of that article I dove in to sketches. At first I tried too hard to ad excessive detail. I added a TV, laptop, homework, etc. Though the distractions were clear, the design was too loud. So after working that out I stuck with something more simple. My next idea was the final, a brain in a paint can of creativity.

Time piece






On the left is the real watch where I got my inspiration. I love Nixon watches and their designs. My draft had the overall shape of what I wanted, but the shading was off, the white on the left side was too strong, and there was not enough detail.

My turned out exactly how I wanted. I decided to make the face more of the dark feature and bring the wrist chain to life by making it lighter. I added in red to give a cool color scheme with the dark watch. All other details were added by using subtle gradients and shapes for shading.




These icons were made in my vector graphics class. This project was a requirement of 12 icons. Technically I did 24 because I did the deck and bottom of each twelve boards. This project was super fun. I chose my three favorite designs of longboards: Speed boards(left column), Pintails (middle), and Free ride (right). From these three styles of boards I made a specific shape that is accurate to each one. I then went in and made different designs to each deck to try and fit the style of what the boards are used for.

I paid close attention to the details of where the trucks and wheels were placed on each board. If you were to look at a real longboard, the layouts would be the exact same.