SAN•SEA Productions

We finally did it! My wife and I are communications majors. We overlap our careers when it comes to cameras. Photography and video are huge passions of ours. With an increase of work in photos and video, we needed to rebrand together since we have teamed up on so many projects. After much thought and wanting to give a fun impression of traveling for video and photo shoots, SAN SEA was born. My wife is from San Diego, and myself from Seattle. We both do the same thing, we travel, and we love what we do.


Here is our watermark:





Here were some other logos I came up with before settling with our final.

The SAN SEA camera was our favorite for a while. After looking through other websites and Pinterest ideas, we came to the conclusion that too many people have something that is a camera for a logo. We wanted to stand apart more. So the palm tree and Space Needle came in to play. The POP logos with the pineapple were fun. We liked them, mainly for the pineapple vector I made, but we settled with SAN SEA in the end. But I will use my delicious fruit for something in the future!

More sketches:

Again, our FINAL:



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