Light-Motion: Freeze and Blur


Roadway to Fun- FROZEN: This photo was taken outside of Rexburg past the temple. In this shot I had my subject simply stand dead center in the road and jump up with joy! This was a lucky shot that was taken the first try and turned out to be exactly what I needed.

F/4.5  1/2500sec.   ISO 200   Lens: 18-135mm.


Soccer-FROZEN: My roommate was having a soccer game and it was too good of an opportunity to pass up to get some motion shots. This image is of my roommate jumping up and heading a ball back to one of his teammates. The shot was a little tricky with the lighting but it worked out just fine.

F/5.0   1/125 sec.   ISO 800   Lens: 18-135mm.


Name tag- BLURRED: This image was taken out in some fields past the temple. I waited till the sun went down and set up the tripod. I was able to use a flashlight that had several different light modes so I was able to click the light on and off while making different letter shapes. All I had to do was slow down the SS to eight seconds a shot.

F/5.6   15.0 sec   ISO 200   Lens: 18-135mm.


Classy Boots- BLURRED: This shot was taken at my apartment complex. I used a pair of boots, set them up and started moving them while the picture was being taken. I had to slow down the SS to be able to get the blurred motion with the background in focus.

F/25   8.0sec.   ISO 400   Lens: 18-135mm.

exactly what I needed. aldkjalkjd



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