chord photodesign

close up of logo 1

chord design

Logo 2

MHM design

Description: Logos designed for a musician’s website and youtube channel.

Process: Photos were taken by a separate company. Image was cropped in photoshop and then added to Adobe illustrator to add the logo. The first logo was created with the pen tool. I came up with the idea to make the “M” in McKay be used as the chord for the headphone jack. The wave of the M and headphone jack fit well wit the wavy design of the font used.

The second logo MHM was designed as well for the client. The bottom of the logo is using the bridge of an acoustic guitar. I took an image of my acoustic guitar and used Adobe illustrator for the pen tool to outline this shape. This layout was made to be creative, stand out, and show the love of music and guitar that the client has.

Message: To promote the musical works of McKay Hatch music.

Color scheme and colors-Logo 1: Analogous (indigo and purple) orange added in upon request of client.

Color scheme and colors-Logo 2: Complementary (brick and teal)

Font type and category- Logo 1: Angelface (script) and Bauhaus 93 (sans serif)

Font type and category- Logo 2: Ariel black (sans serif)


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