Project 8: Brochure

Folding cover and back

P8 CodyWeaver cover


P8 CodyWeaver inside

Description: A two-sided (duplex) folding brochure.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started this out by using Adobe Illustrator to created the “Far out industries” logo. I used the pen tool to created the mountain shape for the letter “A” in the logo. Once the logo was created I went to InDesign to pretty-up my layout. In this program I was able to do a lot. I first chose how big I wanted my design to be. I used larger paper (11×17) to print but with smaller margins to then cut down the brochure to be 10×16 inches. Thanks to the creativity of InDesign I was able to create the back and cover of my brochure on one page because my design was going to be the gate fold in the front.

Because of my overall projection of heli skiing and being out in the mountain, I thought black on white would be perfect for the cover and back of the brochure. For the inside I chose blue to be my background. I chose this because all the mountains have a blue tint to them with snow and blue with white went really well and flows with the mountain theme. I also chose some cool title fonts to give my design a “snowy” look. I chose to do a wrap text around the first image of the mountain. I did this becasue the mountain has a cool wave to it and I knew it would flow well with the text being a mountain. I was able to find great high quality images to give a real feel of this company and what we want to accomplish in the mountains.

Message: To inform people of the amazing adventures that can be had during the winter season by taking a heli skiing trip.

Audience: Outdoor enthusiasts. Also anyone who loves to ski or snowboard and wants a great adventure.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to cut out part of an image and wrap text around it. I also learned the importance of high quality images.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic: Blue

Title Font Name & Category: Broken Detroit: Slab serif.

Copy Font Name & Category: Avenir: Sans serif

Word Count of copy: 367 words

Thumbnails of Images used:

pic2 pic3 pic118409752_origHelicopter-skiingnew mountain

Sources (Links to images on original websites)….0…1ac.1.64.img..1.10.646.hmbc_-8UGok#hl=en&tbs=isz:m&tbm=isch&q=heli+skiing&imgrc=yv3zfl1uryTKyM%3A….0…1ac.1.64.img..1.10.646.hmbc_-8UGok#hl=en&tbs=isz:m&tbm=isch&q=powder+turns&imgrc=A-L0wrSKkxPRuM%3A….0…1ac.1.64.img..1.10.646.hmbc_-8UGok#hl=en&tbs=isz:m&tbm=isch&q=powder+turns&imgdii=A-L0wrSKkxPRuM%3A%3BA-L0wrSKkxPRuM%3A%3BlgGw1dEnoQdX9M%3A&imgrc=A-L0wrSKkxPRuM%3A….0…1ac.1.64.img..1.10.646.hmbc_-8UGok#hl=en&tbs=isz:m&tbm=isch&q=heli+skiing&imgrc=WC9oh1S8N69SuM%3A


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