Project 5: Logos


Description: Logo for a sports company

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): This project was very fun to create using Adobe Illustrator. I first started this project by creating three separate designs. I then went around and had each logo voted on to its popularity. I then chose my favorite design by also using the input of the votes to choose one final design. I then went back in to the program and refined my design by tweaking little things to make the design more legible and at a format where it can be shrunk down but still keep all the details.

Message: A new lacrosse company that can satisfy the needs of purchasing equipment and retail.

Audience: Any enthusiasts of lacrosse who want to purchase equipment or have lacrosse designed retail.

Top Thing Learned: The greatest challenge but thing most learned with this, was how to use the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator and how useful it can be to design.

Color Scheme and Color Names: Triadic: Indigo, Lime, and Brick.

Title Font Name & Category: News Gothic MT: San Serif.

Body Font Name & Category: Arial Black (bold): San Serif.


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