P3 Activity-Photography


Light 1: Outside


Light 2: Inside


Focus 1: Foreground


Focus 2: Background


Composition 1: Thirds


Composition 2: Lead Room

I really enjoyed this project. It was great to actually get out and use my camera and figure out how to work it in a way where I could some stunning images that I have never been able to do before. I had some pretty amazing weather with some clouds rolling in for a storm that gave me some great shots. My first light shot was golden taking it outside in the middle of nowhere. Inside was a little tricky finding a good balance of dark and light for my subject using a desk lamp in a dark room. My focus shots were fun using nature to help me out by focusing in and out of the tall grass. I was able to use some trick such as focusing in on my subject in the background and lowering myself down to the grass to get a contrast of fuzzy and clear.

I enjoyed my compositions shots. I was on the train tracks and realized that I had made a shot of thirds with the tracks on the bottom, the green land as another level and then the sky for the third level. Nature is a great resource! All of these images were slightly tweaked in Adobe Photoshop to make them feel more vibrant in color and more sharp on the images.


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