Project 2 Event Ad


Description: A color event ad to promote a charity event using Microsoft Word and a scanner.

Process: I started by scanning the back image of the guitar player and adding it to a Microsoft Word design file. I played off the green “X” on the guitar to choose my color scheme because that to me was the most noticeable part of the image. I chose the font title to be green to match the guitar to bring it to life more and give good contrasting elements to the image. I was also able to have great alignment with the text and have 5 elements of font on the page to keep it interesting with the rule of odds.

Message:I am promoting a fundraiser to raise money for children in need at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. This will be a fun event being a live acoustic cafe where everyone will be able to have a good time and enjoy some wonderful music while participating in helping children in need.

Audience: Any person around the Seattle area who is a music lover or willing to help the benefit of the children of Seattle.

Color scheme and color names: Scheme: Split complementary.  Colors: Green, Violet, and Brick.

Top Thing Learned: I learned the importance of a good color scheme for a color ad and how to properly scan an image.

Title Font Name & Category: American Typewriter: Slab Serif  

Copy Font Name & Category: Cambria: Oldstyle

Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used: This image was scanned from the “Guitar World” magazine, May 2015 edition. The image was originally 7″x 8″ and was scanned to be 300 ppi to fit on to my ad. The scanner used was from my apartment at the Northpoint complex.



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